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Keeping an independent voice for Yorkshire is important to me. If you like what you have seen, then you might consider giving more than your vote. This could be by joining my campaign team and helping to spread the word.

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Signal your support by downloading a campaign poster to display in your window or local community. Together we can get the message out for a brighter future.

Haslam4Mayor PosterHaslam4Mayor Poster

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Paul will try to publish answers to common or thoughtful questions on social media.

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The mayoral election takes place on Thursday 2 May.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Register to vote by 16th April at

If you’re voting at a polling station you need to show photo ID such as a driving licence, full or provisional, UK passport or older person’s bus pass or blue badge.

Expired ID is acceptable if you’re still recognisable from the photo. If you don’t have these, you can apply for a free voter authority certificate by 24 April.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for me, as well as those who engaged and enlightened me about the opportunities and challenges facing the people of York and North Yorkshire. It has been a thoroughly invigorating experience, and I would do it again in an instant.

I’m proud of the decisions I made and each policy I proposed in my manifesto. I sincerely wish the new Mayor the very best and hope he unashamedly steals some of my proposals.

I would also like to thank those sending kind words in my inbox… though it seems my dogs still claim the lion’s share of the fanmail!

Unfortunately, I have not been asked to serve this time, but I remain committed to our county’s future. I will continue to serve my local community as an independent Councillor.