Delivering for York and North Yorkshire

Paul Haslam

Independent Mayoral Candidate

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Paul Haslam

Mind The Gap

Time to Level Up

For too long Central Government has ignored the North of England and in particular our area.

As an Independent Mayor, free from party shackles, I’m committed to fighting for North Yorkshire’s best interests:

  • Securing fair, inclusive and lasting economic growth
  • Creating higher paid jobs and expanding opportunities
  • Improving public transport for the region and beyond
  • More affordable housing to meet the community’s needs
  • Putting women’s and girls’ safety at the heart of policing
  • Tackling the climate emergency without costing the Earth
  • Building a sustainable present to create a sustainable future

A voice for York and North Yorkshire

If elected, I’ll be the “Cabinet Minister” for York and North Yorkshire that Government so urgently needs.

Why is the per-person spend on transport in London and the South East of England six times higher than in North Yorkshire?

Why do North Yorkshire school children receive less funding for their education?

Why do people from North Yorkshire have to go South for better-paying jobs?

Why do the sectors of hospitality and agriculture seem overlooked in North Yorkshire?

Why are the region’s attempts for inward investment so fragmented and ineffective?

It’s time for a shake up! Positive change by challenging the status quo.

I care deeply for the people of York and North Yorkshire. I have faith in their abilities to achieve great things.

By listening to your needs and taking action, I can approach problem-solving in a unique way.

I’m committed to ‘levelling up’ the North of England, as Central Government has neglected our area for too long.

I ask the people of York & North Yorkshire to put their trust in me.

The perfect candidate?

A decade as a local councillor has given Paul a deep and nuanced understanding of York and North Yorkshire’s community needs and the intricate workings of council. Whilst his extensive 25-year career as a director, management consultant and CEO – having recently managed the sale to a FTSE250 company for £82.5millon – has honed his strategic vision and financial accumen, crucial for addressing the economic hurdles of the area.

As an independent candidate, Paul benefits by being able to rise above partisan lines, eschewing party politics and distant party leadership mandates. He is dedicated to achieving real tangible outcomes that benefit the local populace, economy, and the broader region. It’s about attracting funds and investment to our area.

Make no mistake this is a big job. It needs a team for him to succeed as a leader and your Minister. He will select a Deputy Mayor and will draw on the excellence of officers and the experience and knowledge of the elected members of the two constituent councils.

Paul will also seek to collaborate with our neighbours in the North to foster growth and opportunities with adjacent Combined Authorities, helping to deliver the outcomes long promised by the Northern Powerhouse.

But, most importantly he will engage with you at quarterly “Meet the Mayor” meetings across the Region, so he always knows what’s important for you.

Together we will take control of our future!

What impact will the Mayor have?

The York and North Yorkshire Mayor is a leader directly elected by the people with devolved powers and resources to improve people’s lives – providing a single point of accountability – to both local people and central government.

The Mayor will lead the strategic deployment of £540 million over 30 years, aiming to enhance regional growth and community priorities. They will command an annual budget of £18 million, with an initial sum of £56 million allocated to kick-start the first year.

The Mayor’s collaboration with local leaders will also focus on attracting further external investment to the region.

Amongst the new powers, The Mayor also gains responsibility for public safety as the Police, Fire, and Crime Commissioner.

The new Mayoral role marks a pivotal shift towards greater regional control, promising to catalyse economic development, job creation and sustainable living. The Combined Authority is already channelling £12.7 million towards constructing over 700 new homes on brownfield land, and an additional £10 million to foster a net-zero transition, driving business expansion and higher-wage employment.

Choosing the right candidate for the job is paramount.

Thank You!


Although I was unsuccessful in my mayoral candidacy, the positive feedback from so many of you has encouraged me to stand as an independent MP candidate for Harrogate & Knaresborough.

 I hope to secure your continued support in this endeavour.

Please visit for more information.